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Schoodic/Gouldsboro area

A visit to the Schoodic Peninsula is a must…that’s where you are staying! It is only five minutes from the house, heading toward Winter Harbor and is actually a part of Acadia National Park. The sights are beautiful as you drive through and there is a parking area where you can get out and see some of the more spectacular rocks. Along the way, though, you will see small rock beach areas that you can climb. The hikes in Acadia are breathtaking. They are not so easy to identify but here’s a web site with some information, or you can ask a park ranger how to get to the one that best fits your ability as a hiker: http://www.acadianationalpark.com/trails/schoodic_peninsula.php When you first enter the loop road, there is a picnic area on the right, just before the road turns into a one way road. There is a pier and floating dock, and they have grills and picnic tables there. It’s a great place to go cook lobsters and relax.
When you exit Schoodic, you will be going through Birch Harbor. You will pass by the The Pickled Wrinkle Pub which is a great place to grab a sandwich and beer. It’s mostly a place where locals go so you will get a good dose of DownEast Maine. My personal favorite is their Chef’s Salad.

Continue south on to Winter Harbor and you will find art galleries, shops and restaurants. There is an old time 5&10 and a great library. JM Gerrish’s has great pastries, ice cream, breakfast and lunch. If you continue through Winter Harbor, you will find an area called Grindstone, which is the very high end homes and a golf course. It’s a nice drive through.

In Prospect Harbor, there are some things you’ll want to see. US Bells is right on 186, walking distance from the house. They make and sell bells. Really fascinating to watch on days they are pouring into molds. You can buy fresh eggs and farm goods at Darthia Farm just up 186 toward US1. The Dorcas library is charming, well stocked with movies and videos. They offer free wifi, even when they are closed and they have an electric car charger available to the public.

If you continue on Corea Road, not staying right toward the Lighthouse, you will end up in a tiny harbor village called Corea. The road to Corea actually wraps around Sand Cove, which is where our house is. Looking across the cove, you are looking into this Village. Just before you get into the village, you will see an art gallery called Chapter 2. Definitely a must-stop. This is a co-op of many artists’ work. They also have used books in the garage out back. Take a drive through Corea and visit Cranberry Point. There are nice places to hike along here, too. There is a beautiful hike (more of a walk) to Young’s Point in Corea. When you get into Corea, take a left on Crowley Island Road. Follow this road until you reach the ocean…you will see a two story red house on your right. Park your car along the side of the road (on the left) and then walk the road…you will see signs for the beach…follow the trail which will take you out to a beautiful rock beach. At low tide, you can cross over to the small island. To the right when you come out on the beach, you can hike around until you see the picturesque Corea Harbor. A hidden gem!!!

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