List your property with us

Pack and Relax is a full service property management company.  While we own many of the homes you will find on our web site, we also manage properties for others who meet our criteria for vacation rental properties.
At Pack and Relax, we cater to the more discerning guests, those who are looking not only for a place to stay but also an unforgettable experience.  The properties we offer don’t need to be luxury homes, but they must offer the best experience given their location.  Even a rustic cottage on a lake will provide our guests with simply the best in amenities…from high-end linens and towels, to a fully stocked kitchen.   The beds are comfortable.  We supply them with the basic supplies they will need for their stay.  Our homes are well maintained and spotlessly clean.  Our cleaning staff are our goddesses…we pay them well because we understand that cleanliness is a critical aspect of vacation rentals.
Participating in a vacation rental program such as ours can turn the investment you have made in your home into a revenue-maximizing situation, helping to offset your cost of ownership, while still making your home available for your own visits.
We understand that your vacation home is important to you.  You want to know that anyone who stays there will treat it with the same care as you would.  That’s what we do for you.  We speak to every guest.  We inspect your home and take care of any issues that may arise.
If you are interested in listing your home with us, please give us a call at 305-610-6000.  If you hand us your keys, you can relax.  We will take care of things.

Just Pack Your Bags and Relax